We are calling all passionate and driven individuals from across the globe!

We wholeheartedly invite you to unite with us in developing an unprecedented venture: the German Jamaican Museum and its awe-inspiring Rosetta Tinglin Culture Center Masterpiece.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to leave an indelible mark, as your name will grace the prestigious Founders and Donors Wall of the Museum.

But it doesn’t end there.

Your personal story and invaluable contribution will be celebrated for generations, ensuring your legacy stands the test of time.

And as a token of our deep appreciation, your children and future descendants will be granted lifelong, complimentary access to the remarkable treasures housed within the Museum.

  • We seek extraordinary individuals with an unwavering love for Jamaica and an insatiable passion for museum education.
  • In particular, we are seeking the expertise of skilled professionals, including:
    Masterful carpenters and ingenious electrical engineers who possess the power to create wonders with their hands.

  • Visionary computer engineers specializing in the enchantment of holographic displays, bringing forth a touch of magic to the Museum’s exhibits.
  • Tech-savvy pioneers well-versed in interactive technologies and artificial intelligence, whose presence will shape the future of the Museum.
  • Creative gallery and exhibition specialists, historians and tourism experts who possess the innate ability to craft captivating attractions, drawing a global audience to our doors.
  • Resourceful fundraisers and skilled grant writers who understand the art of securing support and propelling our ambitions forward.
  • Those with an intimate understanding of museum galleries and exhibitions, whose knowledge will ensure the seamless integration of our treasured artifacts into a harmonious narrative.

This journey ahead is extraordinary, awaiting the courageous spirit and unwavering commitment that defines you.

Together, let us forge a cultural destination that defies the boundaries of imagination, leaving an everlasting legacy that will be spoken of for generations.

Take that step forward and become an integral part of something truly remarkable.