The establishment of the German Jamaican Museum

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How we started the Museum

The German Jamaican Museum
How we started the German Jamaica Museum
On March 7, 2020, Bill Tinglin’s mother, Rosetta Tinglin, died in Jamaica, West Indies. Due to the Covid pandemic, Bill, who lives in New York, family members and friends worldwide could not attend Rosetta’s funeral. Rosetta was of Welsh – European Jamaican ancestry, and in the 19 50ies, she and her Cuban Jamaican Husband Harold moved from Hannover to Bethel Town Westmoreland to raise their family. Bethel Town is approximately 15 minutes from Seaford Town (German Town), where Rosetta spent many of her professional adult years.
After raising her six children, Rosetta enrolled in Jamaica’s advanced adult studies Consumer Science Program. After achieving her academic goals and becoming a professional in her field of work, Rosetta traveled to New York and enrolled in the New York City Technical College (NYC-TC) Culinary Arts Education Program. After her academic accomplishment at NYCT, she enrolled in the Grace Institute Academy – New York Culinary Arts Pastry Chef program. After completing her New York training, Rosetta returned to Jamaica, where she was appointed the Director/ Teacher and Officer at Social Development Commission (SDC). Rosetta served SDC for over twenty-eight years, serving the Bethel Town/Seaford community, the SDC’s satellite offices throughout Jamaica, educating, influencing, and empowering thousands of Jamaican youth and adults.
To honor Rosetta Tinglin’s legacy, the Bethel Town – Seaford Town Foundation, friends, and advocates, proposed to build the German Jamaican Museum in Seaford Town and the German Jamaican Rosetta Tinglin Cultural Center in Bethel Town.
The purpose of these two inseparable entities is to bring economic revitalization to the community enabling:
• Economic Revitalization
• Employment opportunities
• Better Health Care
• Better Education
• Advanced security
• Entrepreneurial opportunities
• Financial stability
• A better way of life
The German Jamaican Museum 
• The German Jamaican will be a live-living museum.
• The central building will be a real, virtual, and living museum filled with holograms, artificial intelligence, and interactive technology, honoring the German – Jamaican people.
• The museum will be designed to attract many national and international tourists.
• The creation of a German Jamaica brand
• Learning German as a second language
• Acquire conserves, research, oral/visual exhibits, and tangible & intangible historical, scientific, and community collections, reflecting the German Jamaican community’s historical heritage, expressing a learning environment, and enabling interaction with the artifacts.
• Establishing a communication hub; educational opportunities, fostering research and study.
• Creating adventurous options, such as hiking, bike trails, bird watching, and community assimilation.
The German Jamaican Rosetta Tinglin Cultural Center 
• The cultural center will be an academic and vocational institution creating an advanced workforce and outstanding graduates.
• Participants will be trained in advanced computer technology, academic skills training, Environmental safety, social development, cultural inclusion, and consumer science.
• Having Competitive sports
• Having a student’s cross-cultural exchange program
• The center will be an assortment of designed spaces for conferences, a performing arts center for concerts, drama, plays, and entrepreneurial vending opportunities, serving as a revenue-building stream. 
The German Jamaican Museum and its cultural center will be a nation-building phenomenon, creating economic redevelopment for Jamaica’s community and the people.





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