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What prompted us to initiate the German Jamaica Museum:

On March 7, 2020, Bill Tinglin, the Bethel Town Seaford Town Foundation (BT-STF) president’s mother -Rosetta Tinglin, died. Due to the Covid pandemic, Bill, who lives in New York, and other family members could not attend Rosetta’s funeral in Jamaica.

Rosetta was of European Welsh Jamaican ancestry and lived in Bethel Town Westmoreland, approximately 15 minutes from Seaford Town. She was Director/ a teacher, and an officer at Social Development Commission (SDC) for more than twenty-eight years. During her tenure with SDC, Rosetta educated, influenced, and empowered thousands of Jamaican youth and adults. She received her academic training in Jamaica, New York City Technical College (NYC-TC) in New York, and Grace Institute Academy, also in New York. Returning to Jamaica, Rosetta served several SDC’s satellite offices throughout Jamaica, maintaining her headquarters at Bethel Town/Seaford Town.

We establish the Bethel Town Seaford Town Foundation (BT-ST FL) to continue Rosetta Tinglin’s legacy. Thus, the German Jamaican Museum (GJM) and the Rosetta Tinglin Cultural Center (RTCC) were born.

Our Vision

We are creating an Urban Village in the heart of Westmoreland, Jamaica.

Creating a new generation workforce to economically advance Seaford Town (aka German Town), Bethel Town, and the surrounding community strengthens the Jamaican economy and adds to its gross national product.


  • To establish the German Jamaican Museum and the German Jamaican Rosetta Tinglin Cultural Center.
  • To produce opportunities, services, employment, and financial stability, adding congenial pride and value to Jamaica‚Äôs nation-building and international marketplace.
  • Making the German Jamaican Museum a twenty-first-century world wonder to serve Jamaica and the people of the world.


That after the establishment of the German Jamaican Museum and its Rosetta Tinglin Cultural Center, there will be an economic boom in the community, enabling:

  • Employment opportunities
  • Entrepreneurial opportunities
  • Economic revitalization
  • They are creating greater self-sufficiency and financial stability
  • Financial stability
  • Better housing
  • Access to better health care
  • Better Education Advanced
  • A better way of life
  • That the cultural center will be an advanced twenty-first-century technological training institution. Training participants in computer technology, consumer science, vocational training, environmental safety training, social development training, learning German as a second language, cultural inclusion, and academic skills training. 

We need your help! 

We must encourage our community, elected officials, and the international marketplace to support the creation of the German Jamaican Museum and its economic training workforce, the Rosetta Tinglin Cultural Center. This new economic-based nation-building revitalization entity is garnered to develop robust financial and economic opportunities for Westmoreland and Jamaica’s recent and future generations. 

Please support our vision and advance the creation of the Innovative German Jamaican Museum by signing on to the support letter below and receiving further updates.

I support the creation of the German Jamaican Museum and its training workforce, the Rosetta Tinglin Cultural Center. Its proposed community benefits include: 

  • The design of a Jamaican German brand workforce
  • A communication hub; educational opportunities, fostering research, studying, and attracting national and international tourism.
  • Learning German as a second language
  • Open forums of the German-Jamaican community addressing topics of importance to their communities rooted in their collections and the stories they tell.
  • The German Jamaican community, memories, heritage, knowledge, and German European heritage express a learning environment interacting with artifacts.

Overall Community Benefits

  • Better housing
  • Better Health Care
  • Better Education
  • A better way of life
  • Employment opportunities
  • Advanced security
  • Entrepreneurial opportunities
  • Economic revitalization
  • Financial stability

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